Available Payment Methods

We get it! Customers love convenience, which is why we are giving our guests more ways to pay.

You may click on any of the secure payment options below to ...

... make a deposit for accommodation ...
... settle your outstanding balance during or after your stay ...
... pay for a Bottle of Wine or any other Incidentals ...
... donate to the local AITSA Aftercare Program ...
... or tip our friendly & hardworking staff!


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
FNB Banking Details (Click to View)




Secure Online & Mobile Payment Solutions



We Accept  the following Credit Cards:



For Payment in Euro (€):




First National Bank (FNB)

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
Make Payments to our FNB Business Cheque Account

Click Here to view our banking details.


Secure Online Payment Gateway by YOCO!
Make Payments using your Credit Card!

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Secure Online Payment Gateway by PayBridge!
Make Payments using your Credit Card

Click Here to Enter your Payment Reference (NBID)


Scan & Pay with ZAPPER

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N26 | European Banking Details

For Payments & Bank Transfers in Euro (€).

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Alternative Payment Method for Payments in EURO (€)

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